Robbie Masterson is a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York where he lives with his fiancé Leila and dog Ziggy. 

His work focuses on portraiture, and action. 

Being around unique people, or great food are what make him most happy.

**Commercial portfolio available on request.

**Prints available upon request

For more information on Robbie's work, or to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, feel free to contact him, here.


Nike, Asos, Twyla, Todd Snyder, Monster Children, DEED, LiveFAST, Overthrow Boxing GYM, Rvca, Hurley, Covet, Rachael Zoe, Insight, Sous Style, Tacori Jewelry, Luv Surf, Dalliance, Roberto de Frenchenzo, Anson Calder, Black Ops, Drome, ESP, Factory, Skullcandy, Lady Gunn.

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